Have you ever watched John Petrucci’s live performance on Youtube and wondered yourself:

Where can I find actionable guitar advice that actually helps me to become a REAL SHREDDER?

You have just come to the right place.

Fellow guitarists & metalheads! Welcome to ShredAddict.com – Hello and welcome, I’m Darrel Gil – the co-founder.

My story

I have been in the same adventure with guitar like you for 11 years starting from when I first-time listen to Enter Sandman – Metallica and I quickly had crush on that strange music melody (At that time, I dont know that genre is called. Haha).

I don’t want stop that ‘weird’ feeling at the gate of superficiality so I have decided to spend hours sitting in my bedroom try to practice my first e-guitar (Lovely gift from my mother) and challenge myself with that passion, now that feeling becomes a true LOVE and that love is still unstoppable! Therefore, I decided to spread that LOVE by creating this blog and share my experience, stories what I have been through.

I believe that the whole WORLD is BIG, when going to creativity, you definitely have a lot of more awesome ideas, so don’t hesitate to share your own thoughts on my blog posts. I appreciate much those contribution that are going to help a lot of other passionate guitarists out there. Moreover,

My ambition/vision is to build ShredAddict.com to become the home of practical guitar tips, lesson and up-to-date gear reviews. That’s why I always welcome passionate guitarists who would love to share your story, contribute your knowledge with this whole world of creativity, don’t hesitate to send me a message.


Here are 2 reasons why you should stay with us:

  • Well-researched: Each piece of content published on ShredAddict is researched carefully. Ideas and knowledge are collected and contributed by experienced guitarists, double-checked with various opinions on forum discussion and put in action to takes out the best ones.
  • Beginner-Friendly: You get exhausted soon when learning new technique, new musical theory or simply do not know how to clean your guitar string in the right way? Come with us then they’re just a breeze: any technical things are always broken down into detailed steps illustrated with real photos or influencer’s videos. Also, feel free to ask us anything in the comment section at the end of each post.

How to take advantage of my blog?

ShredAddict.com is divided into 2 main categories:

1. Lesson:

  • Musical Theory: Understanding the root of music has never been easy tasks. This child category helps to approach those theories in various beginner-friendly ways including with detailed exercises and particular samples.
  • Technique Training: Your guitar techniques are the most fundamental part needed to become ‘Shredder’. I help you to uncover the practicing myths, point out the essential key to take your skills/techniques to the next level.

2. Gear Garage:

  • Gear Knowledge: Provide essential knowledge you really need to use your gears properly, how they work, solve your self-ask questions sometimes: pedals, pickup, effect modification…
  • Buying Guides: The mission is helping you to find the BEST RIGHT things. Thus, articles always firstly leads you how to choose your loved ones based on various criteria: budget, current rig, playing purpose, favorite music genre…; secondly provides wide ranges of choice taken from various user perspective, included with sound samples and actual images.
  • Gear Tweak: Guide to optimize your current pedal rigs, your tone, your guitar for better performance.

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