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The mission is the BEST RIGHT things. Thus, articles always firstly leads you how to choose your loved ones based on various criteria: budget, current rig, playing purpose, favorite music genre…; secondly provides wide ranges of choice taken from various user perspective, included with sound samples and actual images.

Best Reverb Pedal – Buying Guide & Top Models

Reverb might be one of the most underrated effects in a guitarists rig. Some musicians think that they don’t need it for their sound, others don’t know what exactly “reverb” does, but hardcore veterans and professionals know better than that. Reverb is very tricky to define, so it’s only normal that some people have a tough […]

Best Distortion Pedal: Metalhead Buying Guide for 2020 & Beyond!

Distortion pedals are relatively plain contraptions – they’re most commonly used by “heavy” musicians, but their field of application is virtually limitless. There are numerous brands that utilize various technologies and tech parts, so it’s safe to say that every distortion pedal is different – the market is quite large, so the catalogue from which […]

Best Chorus Pedal – Ultimate Guide to Choose Your Most Well-fit (2017)

As a young guitar player coming up in the 1980s, chorus pedals were one of the effect pedals that helped define my generation. I got my first Boss CE-1 mono chorus pedal around 1981 and loved that it gave my guitar the shimmer I dug from my Police records. After a while, chorus sounds were everywhere […]

Best Pickups for Metal: Superb List of 2020 and Beyond

The most important part of a guitar’s sound – aside from the player him or herself, of course – is the pickups. Terribly-designed and constructed pickups can make the most awesome-looking guitar sound awful, and well-designed and constructed pickups can make a guitar built from a 2×4 sound good. It’s all about the magnets and the coils.