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The key is choose the RIGHT one. Thus, even you are a bedroom guitarist or ready for live performance, this garage helps you to acquire fundamental gear knowledge for your planning pedalboards, assist your buying decision or tweak your current gear.

7 Essential Types of Guitar Pedals needed for an Awesome Rig!

It seems inevitable that whenever a group of “gearhead” guitarists – myself included – get together, the topic of the various types of guitar pedals seems to always come up. Despite the vast amount of information that’s out there, there still seems to be a good deal or confusion and/or misunderstanding about the purpose and function […]

Best Pickups for Metal: Superb List of 2020 and Beyond

The most important part of a guitar’s sound – aside from the player him or herself, of course – is the pickups. Terribly-designed and constructed pickups can make the most awesome-looking guitar sound awful, and well-designed and constructed pickups can make a guitar built from a 2×4 sound good. It’s all about the magnets and the coils.