Gear garage

The key is choose the RIGHT one. Thus, even you are a bedroom guitarist or ready for live performance, this garage helps you to acquire fundamental gear knowledge for your planning pedalboards, assist your buying decision or tweak your current gear.

Guitar Lessons

RIGHT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT ! Guitar Lesson seems to be a boring topic that contains much overwhelming text content going along with unstoppable confusion. But … not with ShredAddict! The lessons and exercises are all revolutionized in beginner-friendly ways (Actionable Detailed Steps, Sound Samples, Pro Tips, FAQ…) but still ensure you are on the right ways.


I hope you find my blog helpful in the ways of pursuing your passion with the electric guitars. When diving into creativity, you definitely have a lot of more awesome ideas, so don’t hesitate to share your own thoughts on my blog posts. I appreciate much those contribution that are going to help a lot of other passionate guitarists out there.
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Image Credits: Unsplash, Peavey, James Hetfield, @geartopia